Amman-L29B Reset Frp last Security Android 9.1.0 Pie


Description: RESET FRP Amman-L29B LAST SECURITY (Test Point) Without Box File.
Model: Amman-L29B
File Type: Huawei FRP Reset File
Android Version: 9.1.0 PIE
File Size: 40.8 MB

Amman-L29B Reset Frp last Security Android 9.1.0 Pie It basically says to verify your Google account information to confirm your identity and to make sure that the device belongs to you or you are the owner of that particular device.


  • Then after when Google introduced the Google account verification Security then this factory reset method didn’t work anymore. Now all kinds of Smartphone brands are using this Google protection security system.

Amman-L29B Reset Frp This Frp Lock enabled by default on your device, you can disable this FRP feature if you want to in order to do that you have to remove your Google account from your device.


  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Google and choose your account. Tap on it, then click on the icon on the top right corner. Here, you will see a menu with three options, including Remove account.

Amman-L29B Reset Frp So you might have a question on your mind that how this Google protection service works on your device. Google protection service automatically is enabled your google account on your smartphone and set a lock screen security.


  • Amman-L29B Reset Frp last Security Android 9.1.0 Pie Reset FRP Google Account Lock How can you unlock the Google protection service if you have reset your device from the recovery menu? Some official steps you can follow to unlock the Google protection service…!


  • First thing you can do is if you cannot remember your Google account Username and Id password with which id you used to access your device, you can send your device to Company service center(depending on which company brand device you are using) along with the proof of your purchase so that they can easily confirm that the device is actually yours.


  • Another method you can use is to you can Reset your Google account Id/Password from the official website of Google website. After resetting the password of your Google account it may take up to approx 24-hour to a cool-down period before the new password will unlock your phone.


Another easy way is to Flash the device, the flash file of FRP lock will be given down below on this website page. You have to purchase the file its a premium file the flash file 100% tested the file and it will work for you.