ACI Stylus O65 Dump File Dead Boot Repair File Download


Brand Name: ACI
Model Number: Stylus O65
OS Version: 4.4.2
File Size: 520 MB
File Type: Dump File Dead Boot Repair File
Support Box: Read By UFI Box

ACI Stylus O65(O65_0_V01.5_W69A-4.4.2-KOT49H)[KMR820001M-B609_3E78CCA5]

What actually dump file is? ACI Stylus O65 Dead Boot Repair file actually repairs your device. The dump file is one of the important files of your device without this device you cannot access your device. This file especially helps you to switch on your device.


ACI Stylus O65 Dump File Dead Boot Repair File Download In some cases you may brick your device to get back your device back to life you can flash the phone and after that, you must need a dump file. And another most important is that you need to match the version of the model of your device.

Every file is tested and checked twice by professionals don’t be panic to download the dump file. So there are zero chances of error to get. ACI Stylus O65 Emmc Dump File Download Tested


  • What all things can be solved by the Dump file?
  • Auto Download Mode.
  • Auto Fastboot Mode.
  • Dead After Flash.
  • Showing the Only Logo.
  • Flashing Errors.
  • Apps Has Been Stopped.
  • Hang During Flashing.
  • Recovery Mode Not Works.
  • Attack of Malware.
  • Wrong flashing by another version.
  • Get rid of a hacked device.


ACI Stylus O65 Dead Boot Repair File Download


  • How to write a dump file?
  1. Disassemble your device.
  2. Separate your motherboard carefully.
  3. Uncover EMMC ic.
  4. Make jump wares or isp connections by following Jtag/UFI box support.
  5. Detect EMMC connections.
  6. Make sure the connections are Ok.
  7. If you get the connections OK then write the dump file.
  8. Switch your device on.


ACI Stylus O65 Emmc File Download Tested

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